The University Council

The University Council is the highest authority of Kings and Queens Medical University College. It is made up of members from various constituent units.

They are;

  • Dr. Jerryson Ameworgbe Gidisu (President & Chancellor)
  • Dr. Peter Atadja (Vice Chancellor)
  • Prof. Gerardo M. Uviedo (Pro Vice Chancellor)
  • Dr. Alfred Kwame Asamoah (Registrar/Secretary)
  • Torgbe Kwasi Tretu III (Member)
  • Hon. Graham Segal (Adviser)
  • SRC Representative
  • National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) Representative
  • Alumni Representative
  • University Teachers’ Association (UTAG) Representative
  • Convocational Representative (Professional)
  • Convocational Representative (Non-Professional)
  • Teachers & Educational Workers Union (TEWU) Representative)
  • Graduates Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) Representative)
  • Appointee 1
  • Appointee 2
  • Appointee 3