Our organization Kings and Queens International Foundation and the Kings and Queens Medical University College Foundation is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity toward Medical Education, Research and Services to Ghanaians and the West African Sub-Region at large.
Kings and Queens Medical University College Foundation, Ghana welcome donations from NGO’s, Corporate Organizations, Government institutions and Individuals for the organization of this year’s Community Outreach Program in the areas  Pediatric Surgical Outreach, Heart & Cardiovascular Research Outreach,  Kidney Diseases Research Outreach, Cancer Research Outreach, HIV / AIDS Research Outreach, Breast & Cervical Cancer  Outreach,  Malaria Research Outreach,  Maternal & Child Mortality Research Outreach and  Ebola Research Outreach.

By contributing to a campaign listed below will help ensure that our work to humanity continues.
Your donation and payment plan may either be a one time gift, a monthly contribution, an annual contribution or a part of a matching gift program.
Donations both Local and International can be made through our Foundation’s Online Secured donation platform.
Thank you for your kind donation and support .

1. General Fund
2. Pediatric Surgical Outreach Fund  
3. Heart & Cardiovascular Fund
4. Kidney Diseases & Transplant Fund
5. Cancer Foundation Fund
6. HIV / AIDS Fund
7. Breast & Cervical Cancer Fund
8. Malaria Research Fund
9. Ebola Research Fund
10: Conference Fund
11. Medical Research Fund
12. Drug Discovery Research Fund

13. Scholarship Fund